Wealth Dynamics Central

Important announcement for
all of our awesome affiliates

Exponentially increase your affiliate earnings capability in 2019 with us.

Daily commissions payments and dashboard tracking!

We are moving all of our partner and affiliate activity, from this site, onto our GeniusU platform by February 28th and making daily commissions payments instead of monthly payments

As one of our key affiliates, you have automatically been awarded a free 12 months Genius Citizen level status on GeniusU, through to 1st April 2020! (Normally this level is $97 for 12 months)

This enables you to continue as an affiliate/partner with us and gives you many other bonuses too!


When you are asked for your log-in details

Enter the SAME email address that you use to log into THIS partner centre (or you won’t be able to activate your Citizen level status and will have 2 accounts on GeniusU!)

Your temporary password is: test1234-partner28

Once you have logged in, you can visit
the settings page to update your password.

We will be closing this account and site down at the end of March

so please take the action to activate your profile on GeniusU before then, so that you can continue to earn commissions on all of our events, products and services!

by February 28th 2019

Additional Benefits of being at
Genius Citizen level on GeniusU!

Being at Citizen level on GeniusU enables you to continue to promote all of Entrepreneurs Institute, GeniusU and Entrepreneur Resorts products as one of our affiliates AND it also allows you to promote all of the products/trainings/events and communities that are located on the GeniusU platform, including those of our top partners and mentors!

Your affiliate status and commission %’s remain the same using the GeniusU platform but you will be able to exponentially increase your affiliate earnings capability in 2019!

As well as continuing as an affiliate of ours and promoting our products and services, by being a leader on GeniusU you have all of these additional benefits to make use of too!

Access to a 1,000,000+ strong community of entrepreneurs

The ability to share and connect through your personal news “Stream”

Earn Genius Dollars every time you take an action on GeniusU

Have your own personal Genie guide you on the next best steps of your entrepreneurial journey

Connect with over 1500 top class entrepreneurial mentors

A Variety of assessments and Microdegree-courses which you can take for free

The ability to create your own private Circles, Events and opportunities

You can join and connect in on any number of circles and communities

Premium Dashboard tools to track your daily commissions and earnings

List your own Company on GeniusU for members to like and follow